Mogul Case Study

Brad Shildkrout
Business Consulting

$18,000 In Revenue In 4 Days

Brad came to us trying to figure out what niche to get into and how to structure his offer. He recently decided to switch into a new niche with his offer and was showing no results what so ever. We helped him structure his offer and figure out what nice he needs to get into. We also helped him setup his systems to be able to get the right people into his Facebook group and taught him on how to create the right content to attract the right people. Within 4 days of applying our systems, he made $18,000 in sales. A week after this, he was already way passed the $30,000 mark.
We believe in our service so much that if you choose to work with us and you don't get at least 10 new high ticket clients, we'll work with you for FREE until you do!
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