Mogul Case Study

Nabeel Faysal
SEO Agency For Law Firms

$0 - $100,000 ARR In Under 14 Days

Nabeel is a law student and has ambitious goals to want to become a “savvy” lawyer… He really wanted to figure out a way to get into building relationships with lawyers and big law firms before he graduated (as he still has a while to go) He had absolutely 0 experience in what it meant to run a business, but he knew deep down he can make something work out. He came to us and asked us to structure out an offer for him that would allow him to service law firms. After enrolling him into our program, we immediately went into a deep dive of his skillsets and the value he’d be able to provide for his clients. We set him up with a roadmap on delivering an SEO service for law firms, structured his offer, placed a “no brainer” guarantee with unbeatable bonuses & gave him our prospecting and sales tactics.
We believe in our service so much that if you choose to work with us and you don't get at least 10 new high ticket clients, we'll work with you for FREE until you do!
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